A Fleeting Reminder of Happiness 

Using your smile

I painted a small cloud in the sky.

I watched it float away

beyond the reach of my eye.

– S.(2016)


To the Personified Sun

When i forget to breathe

the sun reminds me to fill my lungs.

In the moment that grayscale takes over,

 the sun projects brilliant colors across my eyes.

In the midst of the race, my legs weak from running on empty,

the sun carries me to the finish line.

Simple reminders of the blood in my veins-

the sun fills my heart and it regains it’s pulse.



My soul drained from me,

My world non-existent.

When I forget that I am alive—

this sun,

my sun

reminds me that i exist.

-S. 2016




Blaming the Sun

Hazy summer mornings are brilliant and beautiful.

Dancing between morning clouds,  the sun transcribes our passions and  love to the faded sidewalk that we travel.

The fog lifts off the ground and  we see ourselves in the reflection of the earth.

A glorious reminder that we can live.

-S. 2016