What I see in you, I wish you saw in me

I struggle to find a place with you
Unsure of the appropriate physical proximity of our feelings.
I tug on your sleeve and try to find your lips
You push me headfirst into your chest, barely holding me…

I breathe in your scent
Intoxicated by its beauty.

I make another attempt at intimate contact
You pull me toward you but stifle my effort

For now, all I have is the sweet scented air of your body.
The warmth of your arms wrapped around me, holding us back from an emotional bond.

I desperately want to connect myselfwithyou,
To feel your warmth envelope every part of me.
To hold your face close to mine and gently trace it with my fingertips.

In my eyes, you are perfectly flawed.
Elegant and handsome; struggling to find your way in a clumsy brilliance that I admire.

I only wish that your heart felt the same.


                                                        –  S. (2017)


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